The Netimager suite of image editing tools, are browser based image editing components that you can embed within your web application to enable your users to enhance or manipulate photos, images, or graphics within your application, without the requirement for the user to resort to a third party editing tool outside your application, such as a desktop image editing application. It ensures a smooth workflow within your application, allowing you to provide an end to end user experience, empowering your users along the way.

Netimager JS

Javascript Image Editor, easily deployed within any cross browser web application.


Java Image Editor, best suited for within a Java application.


Netimager browser based graphics and photo editors provide a complete set of image manipulation tools enabling a user to enhance photos and other graphics to gain perfect results every time. Both products have a comprehensive API to ensure you achieve a seemless integration with your application, giving you complete control over the features that your users will see within the editor. Automation tools give you further control over the output from the editor to ensure compliance with image size restrictions within your application.

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About usl technologies

About us

We're all about online image editing. We enable you, the developer, to provide image and photo editing functionality within your web applications, empowering your users, fueling their creativity, improving the content output from your applications.

who we are

We are a passionate team of software developers based in Dundalk, Ireland. Our background is in content management systems, and we love everything about online image editing, and everything to do with content editing in general.

why we do this

We believe that content is king, and believe that users should be empowered to create great content - not just text and copyright. Everyone loves photos, and a picture paints a thousand words, so we believe end users should be empowered accordingly.


"Netimager is deployed in many leading content/media management systems, and in use by some of worlds leading software companies and Telcoms providers. It is proven as a robust solution within large enterprise deployments."

- Netimager Product Manager


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